Law Office of Stephanie Kemen Expands To Open Second Law Firm


In the fall of 2016, Stephanie Kemen and attorney Derek Martin partnered up to open a law firm dedicated solely to traffic tickets, DUIs and license reinstatement hearings.

Stephanie has always been committed to providing exceptional representation at a reasonable price. However, with 14 traffic courthouses in Cook, Lake and DuPage counties, Stephanie was unable to appear in court on every traffic case for every client.

The new firm, Driver Defense Team, is now able to serve clients in all of these traffic courthouses every single day. Unlike Stephanie, Driver Defense Team can be in seven places at once. This allows the firm to help more Illinois drivers while maintaining reasonable fees.

At Driver Defense Team, each client’s file is uploaded to a secure server allowing all attorneys within the firm to manage cases at any time, from any location. The traffic attorneys take a team approach to defending clients by meeting weekly to review cases and discuss strategy. Instead of one attorney, clients of Driver Defense Team get seven experienced traffic lawyers reviewing and defending their case.

Stephanie continues to oversee all traffic and DUI cases at Driver Defense Team. She manages six lawyers and six legal assistants to ensure that the firm delivers exceptional representation and service to all clients.

Moving forward, Stephanie’s DUI and traffic cases will be transferred to Driver Defense Team. The Law Office of Stephanie Kemen will focus exclusively on criminal defense work in Federal Court, Cook, Lake and DuPage Counties.

If you or someone you know has received a traffic ticket or DUI, please contact Driver Defense Team at 312-940-8300 or visit online at to discuss your options.