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The Abuse of Orders of Protection

Orders of protection in Illinois are designed to protect victims of domestic abuse from their abusers and prevent future acts of violence. When used properly, orders of protection can be an effective tool in the fight against domestic abuse. Unfortunately, people often use orders of protection as a method of … [+]

Illinois Manslaughter Statute Controversy

The Illinois manslaughter statute recently came under scrutiny after a controversial conclusion to a highly publicized case. The loophole, as some news sources refer to it, stems from the language of the statute and its interpretation by the court. With the right argument, it may create a successful defense against … [+]

Stephanie Kemen Named A “Rising Star” by Super Lawyers Magazine

Criminal Defense Attorney Stephanie Kemen has been selected to the 2015 Illinois Rising Stars list, which recognizes the state’s top up-and-coming attorneys. Each year, no more than 2.5 percent of the lawyers in the state are selected by the research team at Super Lawyers to receive this honor. Super Lawyers … [+]

Preliminary Hearings: How A Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help

Last week, a client of mine wasn’t sure if he wanted me to attend his preliminary hearing. He said to me, “They’ll just find probable cause anyway. Why bother?” If you aren’t familiar with what a preliminary hearing is, it is basically a hearing to determine if there is enough … [+]

4 Reasons Why You Should NOT Miss Court

I realize that nobody wants to go to court, but it’s pretty important. Just yesterday I had two different clients call me about missing court. The first had already missed court and wanted to know if a warrant was issued. It was. The second client wanted to know if they … [+]

Domestic Battery
Domestic Battery In Illinois: What You Should Know

Domestic battery in Illinois is serious. Even a first offense can have damaging, permanent effects on your future. Therefore, if you are charged with a domestic battery, it is absolutely critical that you hire an attorney that has experience handling domestic cases. What is domestic battery? There are two types … [+]