DUI Defense

Although Driving Under the Influence is often considered a traffic offense, it is a crime in Illinois and serious consequences can come from a simple DUI arrest. A person charged with a DUI should be aware of a possible license suspension or revocation, the likelihood of high fines, and even jail. Attorney Stephanie Kemen has formed positive professional relationships with local prosecutors through her experience with DUI cases. If you are ticketed for a DUI, don’t trust just any attorney to handle your case, contact the Law Office of Stephanie Kemen as soon as possible.

What to expect after being arrested for a DUI

Fighting a DUI in Illinois is comprised of two components: the DUI itself and the Statutory Summary Suspension.


In Illinois, a first time DUI is usually charged as a misdemeanor. In some cases, however, a first offense can be a felony. The penalties for a DUI can be enhanced for numerous reasons, such as: a high blood alcohol concentration, if a child was in the vehicle, if the driver did not have a valid license or had prior DUIs, or if there was an accident involving serious injuries.

In most cases, a person charged with a first offense DUI will be eligible for court supervision. However, depending on their background and the specific circumstances, a DUI may carry a period of incarceration.

Statutory Summary Suspension

If you are ticketed for a DUI in Illinois, a Statutory Summary Suspension of your license will go into effect 46 days following your arrest. The summary suspension will be for six months if you submitted to and failed either a blood, breath or urine test and for one year if you refused to take a blood, breath or urine test. This suspension occurs regardless of the outcome of your DUI.

However, there are often ways to challenge the summary suspension and it is important that you retain a skilled defense attorney as soon as possible.