Expungement & Sealing

Having a criminal history can have potentially damaging effects, such as making it more difficult to obtain a job or certain licensing. Luckily, under Illinois law, some criminal cases are eligible to be “expunged” or “sealed.” If a case is expunged, it is removed from a defendant’s criminal record. If it is sealed, it is no longer accessible to the public. If you have a criminal record, including charges that were dismissed, you may be interested in expungement or sealing.

The Law Office of Stephanie Kemen can help you determine if you meet certain eligibility requirements in order to expunge or seal your criminal arrest or record.

To begin an expungement in Cook County, Stephanie will ask you to provide her with a copy of your RAP sheet. A RAP sheet is usually required to file the expungement paperwork and it also assists Stephanie in making sure the paperwork is properly completed. Here is a full explanation of how to obtain your RAP sheet in Cook County.

If you qualify, Stephanie will file the appropriate paperwork and the mandatory fee with the clerk’s office. Your request will then be assigned a court date where a judge will either grant or deny your request to expunge or seal. On the assigned court date, Stephanie will advocate on your behalf to clear your record.

If you would like The Law Office of Stephanie Kemen to assist you in expunging or sealing your criminal record, contact us to make an appointment.


Expungement FAQ