Found not guilty of battery in Chicago

Working with Stephanie Kemen was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

I found myself in an odd situation where I was accused of battery at a New Years Eve party. I work in an environment where any violent charges could end up getting me fired, and I was simply terrified.

When I called Stephanie, she actually talked to me. I wasn’t bounced around from secretary to secretary. I was treated like a human, not a piece of paper. After she got the information/police report; she let me know that the charges were ridiculous, but we still had to go to court.

I was still nervous about the entire situation. She went back and forth with me answering any question and issue I had; even if it was me being scared and insecure about the situation; she still talked to me. She never belittled me, and always answered my questions. She cared about me as a person, and knew how to calm me down.

Eventually, it got pushed to a trial and that is where I saw Stephanie in action. I didn’t have to say a word. This caring woman who so eloquently calmed my fears became an objecting, quick witted, and focused defender on my behalf.

My case was quickly resolved in my favor.

She is a true professional and I trust her.

-R.M., charged with battery in Chicago